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Textual or Visual UI Elements?

The field of design, like most early- or non-sciences, struggles with abstracting or generalizing its principles for many reasons —some addressable, some not— and as such many of its practitioners have only thousands of “rules of thumb” with scant systematizing or organizing structures behind them.

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Connecting Data Dots: Reporter for iPhone

Designer Nicholas Felton is known for his interest in data. With his famous Annual Reports, he established a reputation for creatively visualizing information to present a novel, illuminating, non-narrative recapitulation of a year:

While a primary source of popular interest in these reports was the ingeniousness of the visualizations (and later the trendiness of the theme), what remains interesting throughout the years are the ideas of

  1. apprehending a life in a more reliable and explicable way,
  2. understanding ourselves more accurately and more deeply, and thus
  3. being able to change and improve ourselves through clarity of insight and comprehension of cause and effect.

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