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One chip to rule them all? The Internet of Things and the next great era of hardware
“Let’s look at the Internet of Things. This is the hardware industry of the future, and it will run on billions of sensor devices.”

Also, Turning on the headlights for mobile
Roy Bahat talking about building apps, getting feedback and buddybuild.

The IoT past, present and future
IoT pioneer, Professor Sanjay Sarma, being interviewed on Computerworld.

How Voice Interfaces Are Colonizing Our Lives, By The Numbers
Mary Meeker digs up data on how we really use voice control.

My first IoT project: A guide for businesses
A handy breakdown of the first steps enterprises should take when implementing their first internet of things project.

Notes for the summer: what happened, what’s happening now and what’s next
Benedict Evans’ summary on the state of mobile and tech: “The smartphone supply chain powers everything – AI lights everything up.”

Meet The Internet’s Best Productivity Tool: If This Then That
IFTTT is an amazing tool – so great to see it getting deserved publicity here in WSJ.

Design + Development Stories

More developers working across mobile, IoT and cloud, argues VisionMobile
Love the stats! “91% of IoT developers use open source technology in their projects.”

The UX of Things
The UX of a website is very different to that of a smart object. Dan Goodwin explores how designers need to adapt to survive.

Lessons learned as a designer at AT&T
Jayneil Dalal: “Build products that you are proud of and can showcase in your portfolio. Every 31st of December, you should look back and have amazing things to show. Otherwise, you are wasting your time. Focus on the signal, everything else is noise.”

2016 Internet Trends
2016 Internet Trends report from Mary Meeker.

Why We Need More Open Source in Gaming, Now
Saku Panditharatne of Andreessen Horowitz champions the importance of Open Source.

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