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Democratize the Internet Now!
“The internet was supposed to be democratic and open to all. Then Facebook and the NSA got their hands on it. Is it too late to reclaim our digital future?”

Ev Williams is The Forrest Gump of the Internet
Great story on Ev Williams and the open web in The Atlantic

Going where Google won’t
Self racing cars? DIY autonomous cars hit the racetrack in California.

Microsoft’s New Secret Weapon is Reid Hoffman
Big news on Microsoft’s acquisition of Linkedin last week. Read Backchannel’s exclusive interview with Reid Hoffman here.

Be Prepared: We’re Entering A Post-Device Era
“The new frontier in personal computing may be cloud services that run on less powerful devices.”

Blog Posts

Ultimate Resource List for Mobile UX Design
Handy roundup of mobile UX design resources.

The implications of large IoT ecosystems
Ben Dickson outlines the changes (and challenges) IoT will present in our lives as it becomes more and more engrained.

Apps are faltering. But progressive web apps seem pretty legit
Interesting analysis of the native apps vs progressive web apps debate.


Developers united in their focus on IoT and AI
“This survey, which included 1,441 developers, found that of all the industries impacted by big data analytics, the Internet of Things was ranked at the top with 15.1% followed closely by telecommunications and professional scientific services at 10% each.”

Still Think the Internet of Things Is Overhyped? Check Out This Chart
Data backing up the argument that connected cars are the real deal.

Apple who? Spotify hits 100 million users
That’s a big number for Spotify, even though it is competing with “the likes of Apple, Google and maybe even Amazon, which is reportedly working on its own standalone music service.”

The Future of Work

LinkedIn’s Complicated Bet on the Future of Work
Nicholas Lemann on Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn and how it reflects the ongoing expansion of entrepreneurial employment.

Learn Virtual Reality Development
Great subreddit for aspiring VR devs.

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