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Shoptalk Offers a Peek at the Future of Retail
Retail disruption is a massive opportunity: “Rebuilding consumers’ experience on smartphones will also be huge. Shoppers are rapidly turning to phones as a key way to look for and research products, but actually buying items on phones is still lagging behind.”

John Deere On Bringing The IoT To The Farm
I know I sometimes get lost in the noise about the connected car movement, but news of John Deere deploying sensors, wireless communications, and autonomous driving technology was a timely reminder of how IoT will also be huge in agriculture.

Samsung is building a smart cities network in South Korea Interesting stats in this post from BI: “The number of IoT devices installed in cities will increase by more than 5 billion in the next four years, creating a massive opportunity for IoT hardware manufacturers and software vendors.”

Internet of Things for Healthcare May be Worth $410B by 2022 And whilst we’re on stats, the healthcare industry also looks promising for IoT.

Pebble Makes a Run for It
What’s next for smart watches? Great read on Backchannel following “the fortunes and foibles of Pebble”.

If Google’s right about AI, that’s a problem for Apple
Apple Analyst, Marco Arment, explores the potential impact of Apple’s under investment in AI.

Android Pay: What is it and how do I use it?
The latest updates on Android Pay.

Product, Design + Development Stories

Here’s How Asana Won With Its Product Redesign
Nice post by First Round Review on the strategy behind Asana’s redesign.

Why big apps aren’t moving to Swift (Yet)
From Ben Sandorfsky: “I strongly believe Swift is the future of iOS development. It’s only a matter of when, and the blocker is the breakneck speed it evolves. For smaller apps, Swift is good enough. For big apps, it’s at least a year away.”

GE’s Predix Design System
Insights from Jeff Crossman into the challenges and execution of GE’s Predix design system.

Here are the SDKs Top Mobile Apps Use
See which SDKs Instagram, Uber, Snapchat, Tinder and other popular apps are using.

Designers will design, developers will develop, and why you must stop them
CEO of ArtStation, Leonard Teo, reminds us to “Ship the freaking product.”

The Future of Work

Future of Work = Remote
Sean Kim on why remote work works: “People criticize working remotely because they find it difficult to measure the number of hours their employees are working. What they forget is that going into the office does not equal productive work.”

“We only hire the best”
David Heinemeier Hansson dropping more truth bombs on Signal vs. Noise: “Here’s stating the obvious: The best people don’t all live in San Francisco. Many of them have far fewer than a decade’s worth of experiences in your current environment. And certainly, the bulk of them did not go to some fancy college you idolize.”

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