The Mokriya team’s hand curated posts over the past week featuring the best content on IoT, mobile, design, development and the future of work.

The Internet of Things

The Product Design of IoT
Joe Johnston of Universal Mind breaks down the UX design challenge for emerging IoT products.

We need battery-free wireless computers to power the internet of things. Now we have one
“For now we’re stuck with $700 wi-fi enabled juicers” – Michael J. Coren explores where we’re headed in relation to powering and upgrading IoT devices.

Funding To IoT Startups Rallies In Q1’16 To Second-Highest Quarter Yet
Some interesting data from CB Insights on the latest IoT startup investments.

Watches, Wrists, and Wearables
Fred Wilson on the wearables movement: “I think wearables will be a big category but there won’t be one iconic device that dominates like iPhone dominates smartphones in the US.”

Why Investors Are Pouring Billions In Internet of Things
Good read on the link between the demand for smart cities and the increasing investment into IoT.

The Internet of Things has a dirty little secret
The Internet of Shit playing devil’s advocate on the increasing number of IoT devices hitting the market.

Design + Development

Google may be considering Swift for use on Android
Is Google considering making Swift a “first class” language for Android?

The Slack Platform Roadmap
If you’re building on the Slack platform you can hear straight from the horse’s mouth in their response to developer concerns.

Principles of Mobile App Design: Engage Users and Drive Conversions
Google’s UX Research Lead Jenny Gove takes us through 25 principles to build an app that helps users achieve what they’re looking to do.

Why Virtual Reality Will Change Design Forever
“No longer will creatives be forced to mock up some new invention in a Bay Area cubicle before taking 10 hours to build it in a 3-D printer. They’ll sit on the ground in Africa, or the bottom of the ocean, or the N.Y.C. subway car, and use a magical paintbrush to paint the reality they can otherwise only imagine.”

Let’s Get Clippy! Conversational UI
Jon Myers posts his thoughts on the recent hype around conversational user interfaces and bots.

Why Messaging Bots Won’t Replace Apps
“And while I agree bots represent a major opportunity, I believe they won’t replace apps, but live in symbiosis with them.” – Tomaž Štolfa also has his say on bots.

2016 software development salary survey
Find out what pays and what doesn’t for programming professionals in this survey report from O’Reilly.

The Future of Work

The Future of Work Is … Ordering Taco Bell Through Slack?
We’re going bot-crazy this week with news emerging of the gluttonous TacoBot.

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