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The Internet of Things

What the Internet of Things Means for Car Companies
We watch the connected car movement with interest. Here, The Motley Fool breaks down 3 major changes that IoT will bring to car makers.

The Internet of Things Needs Design, Not Just Technology
In a subject we’ve covered on our blog, HBR echoes the sentiment surrounding the current gap between IoT technology and design.

The Internet Economy
“Voice is mostly a novelty today, but in technology the next big thing often starts out looking that way.” Another great post from Chris Dixon on Medium.

30 Corporations Working On Autonomous Vehicles
Sticking with the automotive theme, some interesting data from CBInsights to see just who is working on the self driving car.

The Shape of Things
Transcript of a talk Tom Coates from Thington gave recently. Its a long read but packed with lots of value on the subject of connected things and how the future will work.

Mobile Design + Development

The end of a mobile wave

More interesting insight from Benedict Evans on the mobile era: “though I think AR could in principle be the next ecosystem after the smartphone.”

How A Dutch Startup Made The File-Sharing Business Cool
Great story on WeTransfer and how they use design to differentiate from other file-sharing heavyweights.

How I got 10,000 five-star reviews in 4 weeks
Ryan McLeod breaks down the world of app reviews and how his Blackbox did 10k 5 stars in 4 weeks, along with lessons learnt.

18 Best Tools for Bot Development
Handy list breaking down the 18 best tools for bot development.

My Tablet Has Stickers
Steven Sinofsky on the laptop vs tablet debate: “A change-oriented mindset, especially for technology, is one where you force yourself to let go of the models you developed for how things work and learn new approaches.”

The Future of Work

The Future of Work: How new tools created the virtual workplace
We know remote work has blown up of late, but exploring the challenges beyond the advantages is just as interesting: “remote workers are happier at work and feel more valued, but tend to have a lower relationship with coworkers—an issue that can lead to turnover if not handled correctly.”

Run Meetings That Are Fair to Introverts, Women, and Remote Workers
A look at how to overcome biases in the way meetings are run that may include introverts, women and remote workers.

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