The Mokriya team’s hand curated posts over the past week featuring the best content on IoT, mobile, design, development and the future of work.

The Internet of Things

The VR idea maze
“State of VR now can be seen more than anything else as a list of questions – an ‘idea maze’ of possibilities.” Great commentary on VR from Benedict Evans.

Why the Internet of Things needs open source
Jack Wallen makes the case for open source in IoT.

AI is not a threat to humanity, but an Internet of ‘Smart’ Things may be!
“As responsible developers of technology, we may want to ensure that our comfort-driven instincts do not take precedence over our larger commitment to inclusive economic growth, more compassionate societies and a better world at large.”

The Psychology of Wearables and Wearable Technology
More great content from UX Planet on the design challenges that we face as IoT and wearables gain momentum.

Research: IoT developer survey reveals most popular technologies
Super interesting results on IoT developers revealing trends on languages, protocols and platforms.

The Untold Story of Magic Leap, the World’s Most Secretive Startup
Epic read: “The world’s hottest startup isn’t located in Silicon Valley—it’s in suburban Florida. Kevin Kelly explores what Magic Leap’s mind-bending technology tells us about the future of virtual reality.”

Shock Clock WakeUp Trainer – Never Hit Snooze Again
“The Pavlok Shock Clock is the first device that uses effective, tested sensory inputs to wake you up and keep you alert.” IoT product development in action.

What Happens When Bots Learn to Lie?
Hunter Walk explores the ethics question in relation to the exploding chatter around bots.

Mobile Design + Development

Quit my full time corporate job. Built an iOS game. It became #1 in the App Store. Here are revenue numbers and what I learned
Behind-the-curtains app development success story discussion on Reddit.

The end of app stores
Intercom content never lets us down, here’s more of the same brilliance from Hugh Durkin.

What we learned from building Quip on 8 different platforms with only 14 engineers
“How do you build a great product that impacts the lives of millions of people with just a small engineering team?” Over to Quip…

How we launched the #2 app on the App Store
The story behind the successful launch of the Next Keyboard app.

The Future of Work

Curing Our Slack Addiction
As a team that also lives in Slack, this was a lively conversation starter for us from the AgileBits blog.

How To Onboard A Remote Team Member
Onboarding remote team members is such a critical step in distributed teams. This Forbes piece outlined some great tips to consider implementing.

Why I Hire People, Not Skills
David Cancel explains his hiring approach, reflective of the more common sense approach being taken by a growing number of companies today.

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