Intro from Mokriya CEO, Sunil Kanderi: “We were talking to Google about a project that required someone with a Math background, image processing and VR experience. I knew it was going to be hard to find someone with all those skills. One of our iOS developers, Francois, mentioned in a Slack conversation that he knew a “crazy genius”, that might actually tick all of those boxes.

In my first conversation with Adolfo, I knew we needed to hire him. Some people just bring the overall capability of the team up a couple notches purely by their mere presence and participation alone. Adolfo is one such Engineer. We are incredibly happy and humbled that he decided to join us. I am looking forward to many years of working with Adolfo and seeing him work his magic with code.”

I’m Adolfo and I come from mathematics, a science whose progress is fuelled by mathematician’s constant desire for understanding structures to their core, and for finding an explanation to even the most accidental of coincidences. I have also worked with software on and off since I was a kid. Despite having no formal training in software development, I feel that I could not have hoped for a better background than math. Although I often had trouble adapting to the overwhelmingly technical and rapidly evolving language of computer science topics, I soon realized that it was not a pre-existing knowledge of terms, programming languages and notions what made developers successful. It is more so their ability to swiftly adapt to new sets of tools in their quest for finding the simplest possible solutions to complex problems. This is a very familiar feeling for any mathematician.

The one thing I love the most about the world of software development, and tech in general, is its unlimited potential for enriching conversations. There is always something to learn from the people you work with, and few feelings are more enjoyable than having the opportunity to teach something in return. When programming, you are permanently one conversation away from becoming a little bit better at what you do.

This is even more accurate when you are part of a smart and capable team. I have worked with some of Mokriya’s iOS developers on an Intel project for a month now. I have had the opportunity to speak to several other people at Mokriya on Slack and in-person and I can confidently say from this short experience, that Mokriya is the smartest team I have ever been lucky enough to join.

About Adolfo Rodríguez

iOS Developer at Mokriya