Intro from Mokriya CEO, Sunil Kanderi: “We were looking for a Senior Android Engineer to add to our team and Douglas came highly recommended from one our existing Engineers, Felipe, in Brazil. Douglas breezed through our technical interviews and was a clear favorite. We loved his enthusiasm, energy and curiosity to learn (and teach). He fits well with our amazingly talented and brilliant team of Engineers and Designers. Welcome to the team, Douglas, thrilled to have you.”

I’m Douglas, a senior Android developer here at Mokriya. I started working on Android back in 2010. I had worked previously on two separate occasions with one of Mokriya’s developers, Felipe. It was through Felipe that I originally learnt about Mokriya. I then started researching more about the great portfolio of projects at Mokriya as well as the inner workings of the company via the Insights blog.

One post in particular, How We Develop, was what got me really interested. I had worked remotely in the past for a period of 9 months. I missed how great it was to own your schedule. Being able to block out the outside world for those moments when sharp focus was required.

Initially I’ll be working on various SDK projects at Mokriya. It’s cutting-edge technology and a huge challenge ahead. I love learning new stuff and besides, which developer is not up for a challenge? Being on the edge of tech is always exciting and makes my work so much more interesting.

One thing I have noticed that is easily overlooked when it comes to job posts is the quality of the team you will be working with. I’m among amazing people at Mokriya. A truly high-achieving team with some amazing accomplishments behind them. Both from their work on Mokriya projects as well as their own side projects. I’m really looking forward to working with each and every one of them.

When I’m not working or doing something CS-related, my interests are in board games, martial arts and Japanese culture. I’m either studying Go, Japanese or practicing Karate or Kendō. That’s another big bonus in working remotely, I no longer need to carry swords to my workplace and leave in a hurry for practice 🙂 To balance things out, I also love photography.