My name is Mo Mozafarian. I’m a designer by trade and a hacker by passion. I grew up around computers and was introduced to computer graphics at an early age. Ever since I’ve been keeping myself busy by designing and building a variety of online and offline products. I always thought I’d become an engineer since I was good at math and physics but I ended up going to university to study visual arts and after that graphic design.


I spend the majority of my days designing digital experiences and often enough get my hands dirty with coding and development. I find that being able to think as both designer and developer helps a lot with making product decisions.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with a number of remote teams. Aside from self-discipline and time-management skills, it’s extremely difficult to achieve harmony and establish a good culture for remote teams without having the right people in place. I think that’s what Mokriya has successfully implemented. Great people and a great culture. It’s been about a month since I joined Mokriya and I can say that the team is extremely talented and professional. I’m looking forward to the future and am excited to be a part of the Mokriya journey!


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Mo Mozafarian