I’m Nelson Glauber and have just joined Mokriya as an Android developer. I started working with mobile development in 2006, creating games for cellphones in Java ME. In 2009 I began working for a cellphone manufacturer where the focus was customizing the Android operating system for its new production line of smartphones. This was my first contact with the Android platform. Since then I’ve worked almost exclusively with Android in platform and application levels.

I finished my master’s degree in 2010, and my research was focused on creating a tool to convert iOS projects to Android projects. So I now know a little bit about iOS development also 🙂

In 2011 I started to teach mobile development in a local college and it has been very enjoyable to help new developers and motivate them to work with mobile development. I was one of the first developers to work with Android in my local developer community and I often give talks about Android development and share a little of my knowledge with other developers. I love to share knowledge and I try to publish the things that I have learned in my blog.

In 2014 I had the great pleasure to be nominated by Google as their first Developer Expert in Android in Latin America. This recognition motivated me to finish writing my book about Android development, that was published in the beginning of 2014

Recently I decided to find new challenges. Douglas Drummond (a fellow Mokriyan) learned that I had left my old job and introduced me to Mokriya. After hearing about the benefits of working remotely, the amazing projects that the company developed and meeting the founders, Pranil and Sunil, I decided to join Mokriya. Now I’m very excited to work with this great team and looking forward to creating cool and innovative new things for our clients.