Intro from Mokriya CEO, Sunil Kanderi: “Pavan is a quintessential Software Engineer with a deep sense of craftsmanship towards coding. In India most programmers move on to team management roles after three to four years of coding, essentially becoming deskilled and non-technical. What I liked in Pavan is the fact that he hasn’t lost his passion for programming since the early days of his career as an Embedded programmer (8 years ago) to his current evolution as a senior Android Engineer.”

I’m Pavan Bangalala, a Senior Android Developer at Mokriya. I have 8 years of software development experience. I have worked extensively with mobile platforms including Windows Mobile and Android, the Qt framework and Squish for test automation. I also have exposure to programming languages C++, Java and Python.

I came to learn about Mokriya from one of the engineering job portals. The more I read about Mokriya, the more excited I got, as I learnt about the global talent pool and the scope of projects that Mokriya has worked on.

I’ve worked with Android applications related to navigation, e-commerce and more. I always enjoy working with Android and keeping up with new improvements with each release.

Development-wise, I enjoy programming, building mobile applications and updating my skills in different programming languages.

Apart from technology and work, I like playing outdoor sports like cricket and cycling, and love watching good tv shows 🙂