Hey there! I’m Pranav Agrawal. I began studying computer science because I felt that it gave me the opportunity to work on so many future projects. To get started on a product or an app today all you need is a computer, access to the Internet and your own knowledge. That’s it.


Now computing is such big part of everyday life. The biggest example being the computer that is always sitting there in your hand or pocket. Thinking back to the time without email/message apps – how much slower communication was. How much more cumbersome it was be to communicate with friends, family or colleagues. This appreciation of mobile is why I took up learning mobile development.

In college I developed some small projects just to learn about the technology. Things like call notes, an employee tracking system, a parking lot management system. After that I was working at CricBet (Mastermind Sports). As it was a product-based company I learned a lot of about user behaviours, user acquisition, UX and of course developing an app end to end. I had a lot of fun building that app.

With Mokriya having a focus on mobile and IoT, I am looking forward to using my skills and contributing towards building the best possible products. Mokriya’s work on various software and app projects is literally touching millions of people’s lives. I am so glad to be a part of the team and excited to work with some of the smartest designers and developers from around the globe.


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Pranav Agrawal