Mokriya is a mid­sized studio‚ around 30 developers and designers. We punch above our weight‚ though‚ and can tackle larger and enterprise sized projects with ease. We prioritize efficiency over size: our people are self­starters and we have a nearly flat hierarchy‚ so almost everyone here is a builder.
We’re a global team‚ headquartered in Cupertino‚ California‚ just down the street from Apple. To successfully recruit in a market dominated by giants‚ we go far and wide‚ and have designers and developers in Arizona‚ Michigan‚ Illinois‚ Florida‚ Argentina‚ the United Kingdom‚ and many other places. We also have a full office in India. Our distributed workforce works from their homes or coworking spaces‚ and we use tools and videoconferences to stay in sync. It’s thanks to this model that we can compete with much larger firms for the best talent.
For us‚ there is no "typical" process; every engagement is structured according to the needs and nature of the client and project. We can come in wherever you need us‚ from product ideation or product portfolio strategy to engineering from designs you’ve already started. We can start development from scratch‚ work from an existing codebase‚ create and manage SDKs‚ and more. While we vary our process for every client‚ our general approach follows these steps:
  1. Form a stable team: your project will be owned by a single team‚ with an always­available product manager and the same great designers and developers‚ and we’ll integrate with anyone from your organization you like. As we proceed‚ you’ll always know what we’re doing‚ why‚ and how long we’re taking.
  2. Start with low cost learning: we spend time with your team to learn everything we can about your business and product needs‚ then work with low­fidelity wireframes to rapidly iterate on the ideas we collaboratively generate with you. It’s cheaper to find out what works and what doesn’t early‚ so we start our design testing as soon as we can. We often start coding 1­2 weeks in.
  3. From design to development: from the first day of actual development‚ we share the code with you on GitHub. We want you to have full access to the work we’re doing‚ and we welcome engagement from the start. Few other firms offer this level of transparency‚ but when your developers are this good‚ it’s easy.
  4. Frequent builds: we send you builds of your app as often as every week. We want you to experience the app on your device just like your customers will‚ so you know what you’re getting and can give us any feedback you like along the way.
  5. QA and support: our world­class UX and engineering wouldn’t be worth much if we weren’t relentless about quality. Our beta periods let us hunt for bugs and issues‚ polish apps to perfection‚ and ensure you’re thrilled with the result. And we can support apps for clients long after launch. We don’t leave folks hanging.

First of all‚ we’re flexible: we can structure a schedule according to your needs and keep you as involved (or as little involved!) as you like. Typically‚ we have more intense question­asking and brainstorming sessions with you early‚ then present our proposed solutions after a short period of internal ideation.

After the first week‚ there’s as much or as little back­and­forth as you prefer. Most commonly‚ we meet weekly‚ share design iterations weekly‚ and builds every two weeks‚ communicating through email around those milestones.

Unfortunately‚ projects vary too much to provide a boilerplate answer. For more on rates‚ timelines‚ and other details‚ please contact sales@mokriya.com. We’ll be glad to help!

We’re a design­centered studio with world­class engineering and support. We believe that quality design is more than a matter of visual polish‚ however. Great apps start with deep‚ holistic thinking about what users want and how to satisfy their needs with simple‚ easy­to­use‚ and fun interfaces. We emphasize mobile­oriented UX principles —making all actions quickly accessible‚ usually within a few taps‚ for example— and practice Agile design and development‚ learning as much as we can from real use internally before committing to and polishing a given solution.

For more on our design and development philosophy‚ see our blog or ask us questions on Quora.

We’ve built turn–by–turn navigation apps‚ logistical apps featuring custom implementations of notifications (when standard push notifications were insufficiently reliable)‚ apps that managed massive video and image libraries‚ apps that synchronized data across platforms in novel ways‚ and apps for embedded devices running on unusual hardware. We’ve got the technical capacity to do almost anything on iOS and Android‚ and significant depth on other platforms too.
Our apps have been featured by Apple‚ praised in the Wall St. Journal‚ and —most importantly— successful for our clients‚ some of whom have been acquired shortly after we helped them launch‚ others of whom have retained us to manage and update flagship mobile apps that see tens of thousands of downloads monthly.
Thorough. We produce clean code‚ test early and often‚ and keep apps in betas for around two weeks at a minimum. We strive to push apps as near to perfection as is possible to achieve‚ and our engineering culture emphasizes this in everything we do.
Many clients opt for a monthly retainer with a certain number of hours set for each month. We handle everything from bug­fixes to adding new features to keeping the app up­to­date when the OS changes and more.
Nope‚ and we’re proud of our global workforce. Recruiting globally allows us to hire at competitive rates some of the best developers you’ll find‚ from CS professors in South America to driven technologists in Israel. Our flat hierarchy requires that all of our designers and developers be bright‚ experienced‚ and extremely capable at what they do.
Sunil and Pranil founded the company in 2010.
We have a great deal of experience with security; some of our best clients have been Fortune 100 companies whose needs include extensive security and compliance‚ from telecommunications to health care providers‚ and we have significant security expertise on our team as a result.
We have! Contact us for more on this sort of work and we’ll see what we can do for you!
Typically‚ we work on 4–5 projects at a time. There have been times when we’ve had more‚ but we’re determined to deliver quality products and limit our workflow accordingly.
Yep! We use Flurry and Mixpanel‚ depending on the project‚ and actually built the Flurry SDK for Android. We can also use Crashlytics and Apptentive‚ and others. We’ll discuss which makes the most sense for your reporting needs with you.

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