Share & Discover your world. A postcard at a time.

Mokriya partnered with Hipster to create an app that would let the world share and discover locations by geo-tagging photographs in real-time.

At Mokriya, we believe apps can change lives. Which is why we jumped at the opportunity to partner with Hipster to build an app designed to discover the world through crowdsourcing. Allowing users to upload picturesque postcards from across the world and geo-tag it in real time built a database of visuals that defined locations like never before. Through your eyes.

Mokriya worked with Hipster's backend engineers and designers to create this stunningly beautiful iOS app on an aggressive schedule of two months. Using a very agile approach that included daily videoconferences ensured that we stayed flexible in iterating the product and incorporating changes even as we marched towards the finish line. Mokriya gave full access to the codebase on github to Hipster's developers from day one to facilitate an atmosphere conducive to collaboration and true partnership.

Our efforts paid off with the release of an incredibly polished and super efficient iOS App that eventually saw the user base climb up quickly to over 50,000 subscribers.