We helped build Alohar Mobile's SDK and their app - PlaceMe - by intelligent collection and assimilation of data from multiple sensors on the phone.

Building Alohar Mobile's iOS SDK and the iPhone app (PlaceMe) to showcase the capabilities of Alohar's platform was one of the most challenging and ultimately satisfying engineering experiences for the Mokriyans. We had to intelligently collect data from multiple sensors on the phone like Compass, Gyroscope and Accelerometer.

Another big challenge on this project was to obtain a really accurate user location without burning too much battery. We believe some of the battery optimization techniques we have used on this project have simply never been tried before and are really proud to have exceeded the metrics set forth by Alohar's team. Working with Alohar's all star team of Stanford Engineering PhD's and Google veterans was quite simply a terrific experience in building serious products. Mokriya brought its considerable experience in the location space, having previously worked on products like GolfDigestGPS, SimpleGeo's SDK and many GPS based apps for Trimble Outdoors and Motorola.

All our hard work and toil on this project was validated when we saw rave reviews for the App, from the likes of Tim O'Reilly and Robert Scoble. You should checkout Robert Scoble's review of the Placeme App below.

Robert Scoble - This app will freak you out, but it's the future of, well, a lot