A stylish, innovative and fun app for smart fashionistas

We crafted the Threadflip experience on iOS for smart fashionistas that needed a marketplace to buy, sell and exchange their wares.

Manik Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Threadflip reached out to us since we had previously worked with Path, and Dave Morin (CEO of Path) happened to be a seed investor in Threadflip. From day one of the engagement, it has been nothing but a pleasure to work with the highly talented Threadflip's team. It raises our own game and skills in product engineering every time we work with the highly talented teams like that of Threadflip.

We executed this project under a very tight deadline and we had the product out in a record six weeks. Our engineers were busy reading the Threadflip's backend rails code figuring out the API end-points. Access to code is all the API documentation we ever needed and looking through the Web app is all we needed to figure out the interactions that needed to be built out on the Mobile App.

If you play with the app, you will realize it is a pleasure to use it, with nice little animations that make many of the interactions pure fun. This incredibly stylish and innovative app that lets you checkout other seller's closets and at the same time upload your own closet is a labor of love for us and we hope you enjoy using the app.