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Meet a few key members of our team.

Sunil Kanderi
Cupertino‚ CA

Sunil Kanderi

CEO & Co-Founder. Believes in marrying
business with social good.

Pranil Kanderi
Phoenix‚ AZ

Pranil Kanderi

CTO & Co-Founder. Genuine mobile
enthusiast. Will code for happiness.

Mike Corrigan
San Francisco‚ CA

Mike Corrigan

Head of Growth. Travel lover.
Rode a motorcycle to the end of the world.

Craig Merchant
Carnousite‚ UK

Craig Merchant

iOS Developer. Rock climber‚
snowboarder and husky wrangler.

Andrew Simone
Saint Louis‚ MO

Andrew Simone

Product Manager. Midwestern East Coaster. Fond of GIFs. Grew up on the internet.

Divya varudhini
Cupertino‚ CA

Divya Varudhini

Product Designer. Thinker. Foodie.
Friend of animals everywhere.

Mohith KM
Kochi‚ India

Mohith KM

Senior iOS Developer.
Coding & traveling = life.

Fábio Bernardo
Lisbon‚ Portugal

Fábio Bernardo

Senior iOS Developer. Loves learning and coding. Sleep is overrated. ☕

Dragan Jovev
Nis‚ Serbia

Dragan Jovev

Software Engineer. Loves computer games‚
Objective-C‚ and good design.

David Diaz
Tel Aviv‚ Israel

David Diaz

Engineer. Waiting for flying cars and
sentient robots for at least 20 years.

Noel Cunningham
Chicago‚ IL

Noel Cunningham

Product Designer. Type nerd.
Lover of bikes‚ food‚ friends‚ life.

Amit Runchal
Los Angeles‚ CA

Amit Runchal

Product Manager & Strategist. Likes long walks and thinking about TCP/IP.


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