At Mokriya we love making clients' product dreams a reality. But great designers and developers love making their own products too so in 2013 we decided to launch an internal app something conceived designed and engineered in-house. We wanted to create something with impact something which would showcase the business value of design thinking and great coding. So we asked ourselves: what are the most popular sites with the worst mobile experiences?

Craigslist was the clear answer. As a service Craigslist is amazing but the mobile experience left a lot to be desired. Their design style was of course derived from the web but on mobile these patterns made an aggravating ordeal out of many common user tasks. Additionally Craigslist doesn't have an open API so improving the mobile experience was a non-trivial task harder than just hooking up some pipes to a new UI skin.

We started our design process with a simple goal: no common user action should take more than two taps to reach. This "two taps rule" has long been a principle for our mobile design team but with Craigslist we knew a wide range of normal users would be attempting to say list items for sale from their smartphones; complexity wouldn't be acceptable for a mass-marketplace app.

Before our engineers began building the scraping tools which would let us work with Craigslist without an API we approached Craigslist to seek their blessing. After an agreement was in place we were off to the races rapidly iterating on design and improving the speed and responsiveness of our scraping system backend processes and app UI.

To date Mokriya Craigslist has been our most successful in-house project. It's been downloaded nearly one million times on iOS and Android and has been praised by The Wall Street Journal Time Magazine Mashable TechCrunch and many more for its ease of use value and the improvement it brings to the Craigslist experience. We're proud of the design development and distribution of the app and the partnership with Craigslist that resulting in it becoming an officially licensed client. One million users are great proof that UX-oriented design agile development and our team of experienced professionals can bring projects to new heights of success.

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