CreativeLive delivers live‚ expert-led workshops in subjects like photography‚ video‚ design‚ business‚ audio‚ music‚ and software development. From high-end production studios with live audiences‚ they stream their classes to learning users around the world. They came to Mokriya eager to start streaming to mobile devices‚ too.

They decided to start with an iPhone and iPad universal app with a contemporary visual design style coherent with their site: flat‚ but with elements of depth and motion to enliven the experience. Mokriya designers got to work on a kinetic‚ physicalized interface that showcased live content while encouraging users to sign up for classes of interest to them.

Beyond the challenges of the UI‚ CreativeLive also sought a design solution to the problem of interacting with course teachers while watching video on a mobile device. Mokriya developed an interface that allows users to ask questions during live streams without losing the video‚ even on an iPhone.

Mokriya’s deep iOS expertise made this possible‚ and the resulting app not only achieves what CreativeLive sought an outstanding‚ interactive video-instructional experience on mobile but does so with cutting-edge UI style and effects‚ all while prioritizing ease of use for CreativeLive’s diverse userbase.

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