Drawp is an incredible platform for creative self-expression‚ play‚ and education. Organized around a “digital paper experience”‚ Drawp lets students‚ teachers‚ and families share collaboratively draw‚ share drawings‚ create and assign drawing lessons‚ and much more.

Mokriya’s journey with Drawp has been long and fulfilling. CEO Ana Albir first came to us for an Android port of her iPad app‚ which was already in the market; by the time we’d finished overcoming UI and graphics challenges in matching the iOS version on Android‚ she said

“Another team built the iPad version‚ and Mokriya came in and took over that project‚ as well as starting on Android from scratch. If I could turn back time‚ I would have had Mokriya build both! The Android version is actually smoother than the iPad version! This is really a testament to the craftsmanship of the team at Mokriya.”

From those early days‚ Drawp has grown into a platform targeted at school systems and education districts nationwide‚ in addition to being a globally popular app among children and families. As its footprint and scope grew‚ so too did our involvement‚ eventually expanding to include work on backend and syncing systems‚ administrative interfaces for teachers to develop‚ implement‚ and share with other teachers their best lessons‚ and much more.

Drawp showcases like few other engagements Mokriya’s capacity to expand to meet any challenges‚ whether part of the original domain of the engagement or not. None of us knew how far Ana’s vision would take Drawp‚ but as we moved from merely porting an iOS app to helping design iOS and Android improvements and features to developing not only Android and iOS but also backend systems and web interfaces (while researching how to sell into school systems and what features and compliance issues are entailed)‚ we knew we wanted to support it however we could. Our partnership with Drawp has been one of our most rewarding engagements‚ too‚ as seeing how it helps children creative‚ communicate‚ and explore is truly thrilling.

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