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Glassdoor has raised nearly $50M since 2007 to fund their mission to make workplaces‚ salaries‚ and roles within companies more transparent‚ empowering workers and employers to find that perfect fit. So when Glassdoor faced some trouble with their iPad and iPhone apps‚ they knew just where to look to find the best developers around.

Our engagement with Glassdoor highlights something we’re very proud of: our methodological flexibility. While we often handle everything from product strategy and ideation to marketing and support‚ we fit our process to each engagement‚ never bringing more to bear than is required for a great outcome.

After our initial contact‚ we realized that Glassdoor had a PM with bandwidth‚ a solid developer team‚ and a good QA process; they just needed more velocity on iOS to hit their targets. So rather than assigning (and charging for) a full product team‚ we dispatched one of our senior iOS gurus directly‚ and he interfaced with Glassdoor’s product team almost like a contractor.

The results were outstanding: Mokriya’s developer took the lead on their iPad app‚ updating its UI for iOS 7 and polishing its functionality. He then moved on to the iPhone app‚ where he created the photo browser and photo submission interface‚ a configurable system for unlocking features through SMS/email validation‚ Facebook integration‚ and much more.

Eventually‚ Glassdoor was able to hire two iOS devs to take over‚ but they were thrilled with Mokriya’s capacity to “pinch-hit” without any reduction in quality. Glassdoor shows how flexible we can be in meeting design and development needs while still producing world-class mobile software.

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