MixPanel‚ the well-known mobile and web analytics company backed by top-tier investors like Sequoia Capital‚ Andreesen Horowitz‚ and YCombinator‚ was one of our “crisis” clients. At a critical early stage‚ their SDK had a bug that was causing problems for their biggest customer‚ who was threatening to go elsewhere for analytics when Mixpanel’s CEO contacted us. This was a show-stopping problem that the internal team couldn’t solve‚ at a crucial time in their company’s trajectory.

Within a week Mokriya’s developers had fixed the problem and the MixPanel customer stayed. Our technical depth was useful‚ as we’ve had significant experience with SDKs in the past and have the confidence to swoop in with little time and lots of pressure. Working with preexisting code is something we specialize in‚ too‚ so taking over (and handing back) projects is always smooth.

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