Nomiku began as a Kickstarter-backed sous-vide device that brings incredibly precise‚ insanely easy gourmet cooking to regular kitchens‚ and since then they’ve been a rocketship: a finalist in Martha Stewart’s 2014 “American Made” contest‚ featured on Epicurious‚ and even “as seen on TV‚” the Nomiku has been a smash success.

But CEO Lisa Fetterman wanted to accelerate their progress‚ and had a vision for making sous-vide and other gourmet cooking easier than ever for regular folks. She contacted Mokriya for help building the next-generation of the Nomiku‚ one with integrated WiFi. Mokriya’s role: designing and developing a native iOS app enabling Nomiku users to control their Nomiku from the iPhone‚ post‚ share‚ and save great recipes‚ and connect with one another to create a cooking culture around innovative techniques and great flavors.

Mokriya’s experience working with startups was key‚ as was our familiarity with working with hardware and systems. The engineering domain for the engagement included backend server work‚ native iOS work‚ and of course interfacing with the Nomiku device itself. Since Nomiku is a consumer brand‚ it was also imperative that we produce a beautiful‚ fun‚ and intuitive UI‚ so the app was always helpful‚ never hard to use.

Our partnership with Nomiku has been seamless: their DIY history and scrappy startup attitude is one we share‚ so hustling together to make a great product has been more than productive: it’s been fun. Even better‚ it’s been delicious‚ and we look forward to helping Nomiku continue to press their advantage as the easiest-to-use advanced cooking devices in the world.

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