Intel Curie

Intel Curie

Harness the Power of Curie™

Harness the Power of Curie™

When you think Intel, you might just think processors. Yet Intel is at the cutting edge of technology that is changing the way we see and experience the world. One such innovation is the Intel® Curie™ chip, a complete low-power solution designed for use in wearable devices.



After successfully creating the Curie™ chip, Intel needed to develop the technology that would allow app builders to connect to sensor data. When they approached Mokriya, they were weighed down with proposed solutions that would take a year to complete while being inordinately expensive. They were on the lookout for a smarter approach.


Curie SDK




Once our team reviewed Intel’s goals we came up with a solution that would not only expedite the final product, but create a superior one while also saving money for our client. We knew we needed a progressive partner to demonstrate the capabilities of the Curie chip, so we partnered with Oakley to build a cycling coach app.

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The best products are usually a result of seamless collaboration, so, with that in mind, our developers became fully integrated with the Intel team during development. We worked in parallel with Intel as the hardware underwent testing to ensure an uninterrupted refinement process and cut down on any potential delays.


Our partnership led to the creation of Radar Pace: a real-time voice activated coaching system that creates a unique training program, tracks your performance, and coaches you in the moment. What’s more, it collects and analyzes your personal performance data -- from heart rate, power output, and speed, to cadence, distance, and time.

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By seeking out a smarter, more efficient approach to creating the SDK, we were able to deliver a final product in four months, rather than the 12 Intel had previously been proposed. The process was friction-free thanks to our immersement into their own teams and led to an incredible $1 million reduction in Intel’s initial expectations of development costs.

Our successful engagement led to an ongoing partnership with Intel that continued for over a year and a half.

4 months

to build the SDK


saved in development costs

Let’s talk and build the future together.

Let’s talk and build the future together.

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© 2020 Mokriya - Nagarro Sillicon Valley Labs

© 2020 Mokriya - Nagarro Sillicon Valley Labs


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