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for Millions of Users

The iXpand flash drive needed a brand new app, badly. With a major Japanese telecom deal on the line and a 2.5 star app rating, SanDisk was scrambling for help. That’s when they called Mokriya.



SanDisk didn’t just need a new mobile app, but also a UI refresh beautifully represented the SanDisk brand.

Mokriya worked closely with SanDisk’s SDKs to make sure the app was performing as beautifully as it was designed.


Since releasing the app and drive, SanDisk has shipped over 4 million units. Also, the SanDisk iXpand app went from 2.5 stars on the App Store to 4.5 stars.

The iXpand app designed by Mokriya introduced new design standards that are now used across all of SanDisk’s new product lines.

sandisk 4


“I purchased the 128GB version and really love it — you just plug it into the lighting port of your iPhone and the app for the device comes up on your screen. You can then back up your photos and videos from your iPhone to the expand and free space on your iPhone.”

“Keep an eye out for the Soli. If it’s as revolutionary as I think it’s going to be, it will likely be in lots of devices you use daily in the not so distant future.”

Pcmacbob - 5 STARS

“This device has an easy to use app. Quickly move photos off your iPhone or back on! Can also choose to send photos off the usb directly to social media. It is the only reliable game in town. Trust me, I’m a technology buyer.”

Yaptoyou - 5 Stars

© 2020 Mokriya - Nagarro Silicon Valley Labs

© 2020 Mokriya - Nagarro Sillicon Valley Labs

© 2020 Mokriya - Nagarro Sillicon Valley Labs


We’re happy to announce that after four years of operating Mokriya as a distinct company within the Nagarro family, we are now merging our identity fully with Nagarro. Mokriya will live on as a business unit with Nagarro called ‘Nagarro Digital Ventures’. We are excited to embrace this new identity and play our part in seeing Nagarro scale new heights. After ten years of an incredible journey, Mokriya and its spirit will live on as Nagarro.