Creating in-flight Delight with Star Alliance

One technical challenge airlines face is helping users view seat maps of the flights they’re on, and letting them reserve open seats. Because every airline stores their seat data a little differently, this problem becomes even more difficult for multi-airline trips. Star Alliance needed a solution.



Star Alliance was building a data services platform (DSP) that aggregated data across partner airline systems.

Mokriya was the first developer to use the platform, and quickly found that additional functionality was needed to support the seat map SDK.

Mokriya worked closely with the DSP team to address those needs while coming up with a formulaic way to visually render a seat map. The formula had to consider things like number of rows, where aisles and windows were located, exit rows, seat classes, and many other factors. After some trial and error, Mokriya settled on a universally scalable way to render the maps.


In just 1 month using Mokriya’s team, Star Alliance was able to provide an SDK all partner airlines could use for finding and reserving seats in their own individual mobile apps and websites, helping to make multi-airline trips an absolute delight.

© 2020 Mokriya - Nagarro Silicon Valley Labs

© 2020 Mokriya - Nagarro Sillicon Valley Labs

© 2020 Mokriya - Nagarro Sillicon Valley Labs