SanDisk is a giant in flash storage‚ SSDs‚ and other hardware products that are integral to the mobile era. Much of its $6B in annual revenue comes from B2B sales‚ but SanDisk also has a profitable and high-volume consumer business thanks to its USB drives and storage products.

While smartphones have obviously had a positive impact on the flash storage market in general‚ they seemed to problematize the thumb-drive-or local hardware storage-market‚ most severely because iOS makes it hard for external hardware access to its file systems. But after much internal development‚ SanDisk has developed a product which brings convenience‚ speed‚ and ease to transferring files between iOS devices. While its presently under NDA‚ it is headed to market soon.

But developing robust‚ reliable‚ and easy-to-use storage solutions is no easy task‚ in hardware or software. After more than a year with a previous team‚ SanDisk grew frustrated with low velocity and quality in the project. They contacted Mokriya‚ and chose us on the basis of our experience with low-level software engineering on constrained and atypical hardware. In other words: they needed people who could get into the real technical nitty-gritty on a challenging‚ custom-hardware project‚ and they trusted us.

As our iOS team got to work with their top-secret prototypes‚ progress was rapid. Syncing‚ file-transfers that can be interrupted‚ and file-system operations on mobile / iOS are among the more challenging technical areas for many developers‚ but SanDisk’s Ram Rajagopalan was impressed‚ noting that we accomplished more in a few months than the previous team in more than a year.

While this project isn’t complete yet-and therefore has to be discussed a bit vaguely-we’re proud of the fast‚ high-quality iOS and device engineering we’ve accomplished‚ and can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on with the world. It showcases Mokriya’s technical chops and process flexibility in a way few projects really do.

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