As a small business‚ Mokriya was immediately excited by the promise of Unleash. Calling their app "your cloud CFO‚" Unleash sought to use big data-millions of financial filings and aggregated business data from different verticals-to empower small businesses‚ allowing them to easily level up their financial management and decision-making.

They evaluated Mokriya‚ Frog Design‚ and other top studios before choosing us to help design and develop their first app‚ which launched on iPad. The reviews were glowing; CNN ranked it as the tenth best financial app for businesses:

Using an index based on data from the IRS‚ credit agencies and business brokerages‚ [Unleash] compares how your company is performing against small businesses in your industry-providing you with a "uScore" to give you an idea of where you stand.

Unleash also offers financial guidance and tracks collection activity‚ alerting you when customers’ payments are overdue. And one of the most innovative features is the "Decision assist" tool‚ where businesses can project what will happen to their finances based on certain scenarios‚ like if they hire or fire someone‚ sell more or spend less.

Coverage in ZDNet and financial trade publications was similarly glowing‚ and Unleash received lots of praise for the design of the app‚ which sought to make the complex‚ data-rich array of information presented simple‚ intelligible‚ and clean. Mokriya’s experience with information architecture challenges in diverse‚ constrained UI spaces was of great utility in mapping out the app and its flows‚ and integration with QuickBooks was straightforward for users seeking superior insights from their ongoing finance data.

CEO and founder Insaaf Mohideen was elated: "The team at Mokriya is incredible. I doubt that we could have gotten the caliber of UX design and development had we paid $500‚000 to IDEO. They’re a truly awesome team."

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